The new ReadyMED packaging program has made our medication management so much easier. The packaging allows us to quickly see the medication, dosage, date, and time. I love how the entire month’s doses are neatly rolled into a box that allows the next dosage to be pulled at the appropriate time. The way this is packaged saves our staff so much time in pulling each dose and helps eliminate any staff errors. This packaging would help anyone with having issues with compliance. Our personal care home has used several medication management systems in the past and this is definitely the best. The Medication Activity Record (MAR) has been the easiest record for the staff to monitor our medications. The staff can quickly check each dosage against the MAR to ensure no errors. And, now we do not have any documentation errors! Thank you for introducing us to this great packaging. And a big thanks to your staff for the great service they always provide.

-Corey Mackie, Owner Mary’s Haven

I am a nurse with a home health agency and I have switched some of my patients to your ReadyMed packaging program. The packaged medications are so easy to read with the name, date, and time the medications should be taken. I can monitor their medications just by checking the packaging during my home visits to verify my patient’s compliance. After just the first few weeks I was able to see how much better my patients felt because they were taking their meds as instructed. Furthermore, most of my patients are on a fixed income without ready transportation, and Chancy Drugs offers the packaging and delivery for free; which saves them time and money. I am very thankful for the ReadyMed Packaging Program and for Chancy Drugs.

-Shannon Renshaw, RN

Very few times in my life have I written a thank you note to a corporation for their services, but I wanted ya’ll to know that I thoroughly apppreciate your kindness in the drug store, your reasonable prices there, that absolutely beautiful lady who confronted me at the dialysis center, and your packing up my daily and nightly medicine for me. What a wonderful service that is.

-Billy Cornelius

The folks at Chancy Drugs are a great group of people blessed with personality, friendliness and professionalism. A visit there “makes the medicine go down easier.” And they do so much for the community.

-Albert Forthe

The care that ALL of you showed my father can never be thanked enough. You have all been so kind to me as well as to Pee-Paw. Thank you for being such a wonderful business with true care for your customers.

-Glenda Ellis

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